Business Insights


Assist Australia is focused on adding value in our partnerships by providing our clients with actionable information that will benefit their business. Industry benchmarking and vehicle model analysis enables our clients to better understand the challenges affecting their products at a granular level and gain insight into their customer’s experience when a breakdown occurs. Assist Australia’s business insights offers clients the opportunity to focus innovation within their business.

Achieving effective customer data management is a challenging process for all organisations. Our use of innovative technology and dedicated teams can help improve the quality of our clients’ customer data.

Assist Australia’s information management service is customised to clients’ needs. If required, we can undertake complete project management and implementation of client customer data processing and cleansing.
We also provide:

  • Customised client analysis and reporting
  • Standard reporting and ad hoc reports
  • Real time customer incident tracking
  • Event-based notifications
  • CRM integration
  • Data analysis