Connected Car Services 

Assist Australia partner with leading OEM to deliver Connected Car Services through our Digital Assistance solution and 24/7 call centre operations. Digital Assistance is a platform agnostic link between an OEMs embedded device (Telematics Control Unit), the local telecommunications provider, and data shared securely with our call centre operations to deliver critical services to your customers.

Breakdown Call (B-Call)

B-Call (or breakdown call) is the ability to connect the customer to roadside assistance solutions without the need for conventional handheld telephony. The customer simply presses the B-Call button to connect directly to a roadside assistance consultant who can pinpoint the exact location of the disabled car via the Telematics Control Unit (TCU).

Emergency Call (E-Call)

E-Call is the ability to connect local emergency services with customers in life-threatening situations and/or in the event of a major accident. Our dedicated consultants can support both voice-initiated calls and/or autonomous crash notification alerts received from a vehicle’s Telematics Control Unit (TCU).

Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT)

Stolen Vehicle Tracking is the ability to locate, track and inform Police of the last-known location, direction, and speed of a stolen vehicle such that customers improve the likelihood of their vehicle being recovered.

Assist Australia has a long-term roadmap for Connected Car Services focused on providing our customers, OEMs, and dealer networks with convenience and peace of mind. The future of roadside assistance and associated services will be delivered with extensive digital capabilities and we continually invest in digital technology to stay future ready.